Ramblings of this guy you know!

Tech Stuff and random observations on life as I see it….

Starting out

Well hello there, how are ya? Thanks for stopping by. Not that there is anything to see here yet… We will just have to see if it does become anything or if it falls to dust like so many other blogs.

So what’s it all about? You know I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, it’s going to be spontanious. Essentially it’s going to be an insight into what makes me smile and what gets right up my nose. I don’t want this to end up as another “Grumpy mans guide to….” but I can’t promise that it won’t enter in to it either.

So, pop in by and take a look every now and again and maybe pop in a comment or two but can I ask, keep it nice, there’s too much anger in the world already.


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