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I think, therefore I might be

I exist! At least I think I do. I mean, if I pinch myself it hurts, someone decided that I existed enough to give me my current job and I even have a Twitter account so I do have a physical presence in the world.

Now that I have that established, why is it that just because I don’t have a driving licence and don’t own a passport I have to go round the houses to prove that I am who I say I am. Now I know I am unusual not having either (I wouldn’t be safe on the roads and too aberdonian to spend the money on a passport without travelling) but neither is it mandatory to own one. So why are these two the only forms of identification that some people will accept as legal?

Where’s this grump coming from? Let me put it in context for you. A couple of weeks back I took part in a training course called the ITIL v3 foundation certificate (if you are in IT services of any kind you have probably heard of it). As part of it, we were to have an exam. When I looked up the list of acceptable documentation you could provide it said you needed two, one photographic with a signature and another with a signature like say a credit card. The only photo ID’s accepted were: passport, driving licence, military id or staff pass. As we have already established I do not have the first two, I have also never been in the services but also my staff id doesn’t have a signature.

I called up the exam firm, who bent over backwards to help… Oh sorry that’s what I expected to happen. The result: you can’t sit the exam then. That was it! No other workarounds for such situations. Very unhelpful, I can’t be the only one surely.

This story does end up with a happy ending however even if itself it requires hoop jumping (this is total wipeout type style hoops). I will have to have my employer write a letter to confirm that I do exist, have always existed and will be existing in the future too.

Did it have to be so hard though?


2 responses to “I think, therefore I might be

  1. Grant June 17, 2010 at 10:08 am

    No known workarounds to solve the problem ? Jeez. There’s some irony in there.

    • cbeagrie June 17, 2010 at 11:02 am

      Ha ha… So you were listening on the course then…

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