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Streamlining the Blog

Thanks Onswipe. I mean that both sarcastically and sincerely; sarcastically because your new iPad view of the WordPress blog is going to give me work reorganising the layout of my own one and sincerely because that new cover flow is absolutely beautiful. Finally I thank you for it has given me the kick I need to get my blogging actually started. Unfortunately when I started I had the bright idea of separating my themes by pages up along the top. I don’t think the Onswipe theme addresses pages as well so I am streamlining my blog into simply posts and separate content by categories. This may mean that some of my already published content will be reposted.

For those of you WordPress bloggers that have not come across the new settings in the hosted sites (if you self host you will have to upgrade to 3.1 and download the plugin to get it working), you can now have your blog appear with a different theme for tablet devices (well iPad for now). If you have ever looked at the Ziteapp or Flipboard apps then your blog is displayed in a very similar manner.

The front page will give you a random sample from any images you have uploaded to your blog… In this I am one again tardy so thanks again Onswipe, image uploads added to the todo list. A swipe yo open ribbon is on the right hand side, slide it to open the blog posts

Once opened your latest posts are laid out in a layout to fit the content. Rotating the screen changes the layout.

I will cover the settings that are available to tweak the layout in later post… For now, let’s get this posted and my content moved about.

Heres the Link to the settings post: http://wp.me/pXzFZ-3u


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