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Repost: My Running Life

20110326-070603.jpgI love running… There, I’ve said it, happy now? It hasn’t always been that way though. I have been running for years now and in the past its been a bit more “Go out to eat out..” rather than a love of running that has pushed me out. Theres also be a bit of social embarrassment mixed in there too after all I’m not exactly running shaped… I feel like I am a bit like a Bumble Bee, almost seeming to defy the laws of physics but exists anyway. On the positive side, I have always loved the feeling you get when you’ve battled to get to the top of a challenging hill and pause to catch your breath and view the vista below.

Then last summer, after a rather silly experience involving an axe and some rotten decking, I kicked off a chest inflammation that led to a diagnosis of Asthma. During this time I was totally unable to get out running and the longer I was out of it, the more I missed going out; I actually wanted to be back out running. So, asthma or no asthma I had to get back out there.

Since then it has been a hard slog to get back on the road. It started with short walk/runs which were slowly extended to be longer until I got back to my old distances again. I have slowed my pace down to around 10 minutes for the mile and I guess that it’s what i am going to have to accept if I want to keep running… It’s worth the sacrifice.

So now I am left even more determined than ever to keep running. By the end of last year to date i’ve just made it to the 700 mile mark and this year I am on target to hope to make it to 1,000. Until then, it’s back to slogging up those hills and pausing at the top to catch my breath and look over the countryside.


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