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Updated: Is the excessive spend on IT all the last governments fault?

After yesterdays posting on Is the excessive spend on IT all the last governments fault?, I did get an update from someone in the know… I cant just post my own tuppenceworth without adding in about the information in the site that I was pointed to. I’m not going to repost what is posted there, you can go take a look for yourself at http://nhs-it.info

NHS23 is a dossier of communications made to the government by a group of twenty-three academics who repeatedly told the Government how the largest non-military IT operation in the world NPfIT (http://www.btplc.com/Health/NHSIT/NPfIT/index.htm) at that point was doomed to failure. The project was delivered on a “We will tell you what you need and you will build it” structure without any thought to asking for professional assistance. Read the NHS23 site for some interesting reads.

I’m going to close this off again for now… Interested to hear if this elicits any comment….


One response to “Updated: Is the excessive spend on IT all the last governments fault?

  1. Paddy April 1, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    The previous Government wasted a huge amount of money on IT projects that were doomed from the outset. Any experienced software developer could have predicted the failure. The NHS wastage is the biggest example. In this day and age you simply don’t go and build systems for users without consulting them and then when they try to be heard ignore them. It must be said though successive Governments have done similar. When will they ever learn.

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