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The Election looms – 5th May…

On the 5th of May here in Scotland, we are once again tripping to the polls to elect or re-elect our political party of choice. There is plenty of electioneering going about to advertise the fact that it is happening so no-one really has an excuse to be unaware of it whether they go to vote or not.

What there seems to be less information about however is that the very same day we are voting for an alternative voting system as well… I think that I have seen about two adverts on the telly letting us know about it… I have 10 ‘O Clock Live to thank for bringing to my my consciousness which I don’t think is probably the best way of being informed. A quick trip to the BBC website of course gives you all the info you need on AV.

Now, I am not the most politically motivated person in the world but do like to think I am reasonably up to date with current affairs… So I wonder how many others out there are also quite unaware of the proposed changes..


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