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Managing iPad settings on hosted WordPress.com

Onswipe iPad Settings
Using the built in Onswipe widget on WordPress.com allow you to display a beautiful app-like experience to visitors browsing with an iPad much like the experience you get from using the Flipboard iPad app. A while ago, I wrote a post called streamlining the blog and I promised to write up the instructions on how to configure it… Finally I am getting round to it.

Onswipe iPad Settings for WordPress.com

Onswipe iPad Settings for WordPress.com

To get to the iPad settings, go to your dashboard and click on the Appearance button on your left had side menu and select iPad from the menu that drops down.

Display a special theme for iPad users
This is the first choice you have to make on the page and the box is enabled by default. Untick it if you don’t wish your readers to have a separate iPad experience.

Cover Display
This is a pull down box with two options available to the user; show an image from a recent post or No Cover. If you choose to show an image be careful of the size of images you upload as it will scale it up to fill the page; you can end up with a pixelated mess on that front cover. The No Cover option leaves the page black other than the swipe ribbon to open your blog.

Cover Logo
Regardless of whether or not you have a cover display, if you have your own logo or signature you can display this as an overlay to your front cover. For best results upload a 200×200px transparent PNG

Launch Screen Image
This is just as described in the iPad pages and needs no further explanation:

Readers can add your site to their iPad’s home screen for quick access from an app-like icon.

The launch screen image is briefly displayed after your site is opened from an iPad home screen icon, before the cover image appears.

Use a PNG exactly 768×1004px

Display Font
The font your blog will display in can be selected here from a wide variety of fonts listed there… Be aware to choose a globally available web font to have your blog look the same wherever you go. Finally choose a colour accent for your font.

Click the Save button and that is your settings completed easy for your next iPad visitor.


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