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Mince and Cheese Baked Potato?

Mince and Cheese Tattie

Mince and Cheese Tattie

Sometimes, I hate being quite typically British in that I am prone to being quite reserved… This usually gets me into trouble in shops namely walking away with too little or too much change (and agonising about that later too), getting the wrong item etc etc etc… I’m sure you get the idea and I know I am not alone.

On this particular day I decided I wanted a Baked Potato… I was Nostalgic for my student days back in Nineteen Mmmphh Mmphh (too long ago to admit to) where the humble heated spud and filling were part of the staple diet and found myself heading for the Tastie Tattie here in Aberdeen…

In I went in and my nostalgia dropped a notch…. Wasn’t the Tastie Tattie nicer than this all those years ago? Probably not in reality if I’m honest to myself… But I digress… I asked, I’m pretty sure in a nice clear voice, for a baked potato with Beans and Cheese….

Here is when I got my first inkling that something was wrong as the woman behind the counter looked at me as if I had asked for monkey brains in there but then went and scooped up some cheese in a tub and picked out another for putting into the microwave.

“That’ll be £5.05 please” she says…. Do I say “Gosh that is expensive” or “are you sure that’s correct?” I hand over the tenner and say “Do you want the 5p?”

I start to get the idea something is not quite right here…

Ting! goes one microwave (Baked Potato ready).. Ting! goes another (that’ll be the beans then).

Something distinctly non-bean coloured is poured on the Potato… I am mute but inside I am screaming “THAT”S NOT BEANS!! SAY SOMETHING” Cheese goes on top, lid closed in a bag and handed to me…

“Thanks” I say and leaves… muttering to myself

Like I say, I hate being this repressed and unable to complain….

… On saying that the tattie was nice! Still want one with Beans and Cheese though…..


2 responses to “Mince and Cheese Baked Potato?

  1. Sara Donaldson May 11, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Aaah the Tastie Tattie at 3am….I remember it well. Col…we were often there after Happy Hour cocktails at Henry J Beans followed by a night on the town…ANYTHING looks good after a dozen white Russians and Daquiris *lol*

    Remember those days….tatties IN an OVEN! no microwave in sight. Cheap and filling for an impoverished student.

    As for complaining…its difficult, I have bolshy days when I speak up, and many days when I try to hide behind a smiling face and gritted teeth. Perhaps we should embrace the American ideal of customer service? Sometimes this British reserve is stiffling.

    • cbeagrie May 11, 2011 at 9:41 am

      Yes, and that too was back in Nineteen Mmmph Mmph.. Too long ago!

      Ha! back in a time when Microwaves were just becoming fashionable… But not the borm eh?

      Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem…. The Scots in me is Bolshy, the other bit is British!

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