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Microsoft buys Skype

After rumours were circulating that Google and Facebook were interested in purchasing Skype, Microsoft swooped in and purchased it for $8.5 Billion… Yes that’s right Billion. In more recent years, Microsoft seems to have been content taking a care-taking role in OS and Office development but first there was Windows 7, then Kinect and now this… It is of course likely that Microsoft bought it purely to stop the others from getting it.

Quite obviously aimed at implementation across PC, Xbox and Windows Mobile there was concern that Linux and Mac platforms would suffer due to this purchase but Microsoft has been quick to state that Skype would operate in it’s own division still headed by the current CEO and all platforms would remain supported (but Windows OS and devices first).

Integrating Skype into office may help the Enterprise IT departments accept the use of Skype in business but I think that it has put the tech community on edge for the moment until it is proved by Microsoft that they will honour their promises… Until then, Google Chat or FaceTime anyone?

While we are on the subject of Skype on Non-Microsoft platforms, ensure that your MAC OSX version is patched and up to date (you have to download it from the site, it doesn’t come down as an update as previous versions contain a recently discovered exploit that allows remote execution of a shell on your local machine.


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