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Twitpic causes backlash over Copyright claims

Twitpic, a simple Picture posting service popular with Twitter users came under fire this week for changing their terms of service to appear to say that they held the copyright to all the photo posted on their site. This prompted a spate of users moving over to alternative services. The site founder apologised for the lack of clarity stating that users still owned the copyright of the images and the terms and conditions have been rewritten again.

By changing the terms, Twitpic hoped to limit the abuse of images on it’s site which have found their way into reports about newsworthy events. One of the most famous images posted on Twitpic came from January 2009 when a US Airways jet crash landed on the Hudson river. . To try and prevent this it recently signed an exclusive deal with the Wenn news group to syndicate images posted on Twitpic. There does still seem to be confusion over who profits from redistributed images as by signing up to Twitpic, users do agree to let the service distribute their images to the company’s partners.


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