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RIM Recalls 900 Playbooks

Long anticipated by Tech heads and Blackberry fans and one of the hopeful iPad killers, the RIM Playbook didn’t get off to the greatest of starts with sluggish sales, the lack of an email client and very few available Apps. Now it has been dogged with a problem with a number of machines that caused a call for a recall.

Some Playbooks had an incorrect install of the system which prevented them from accepting the terms and conditions for software installation that prevented any software downloads onto the machine and therefore could not even submit it as a system patch. 900 machines we’re identified which had been shipped to Staples stores in the States.

Most machines had still not been purchased and were sitting on shelves and could be recalled easily. Other owners were encouraged to return to stores where 30 minutes later they could leave with a fully working device.

Whilst not a total disaster for RIM, I am sure they could have done without it… now guys go out and get some developers to write some core apps before it’s too late.


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