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It Bites: MACdefender Trojan on Macs

Back on the 9th of May I wrote an article warning about the MACdefender Trojan. Back then I said that it was one that would catch the unwary… How wrong was I? It would appear that people are falling for this one left, right and center. In fact it would seem that Mac users, smug for so long that viruses weren’t their problem and are asked to input their admin password so often, don’t recognise the danger signs when they come along. Converse to this, research is indicating that Windows users, who have been bashed and battered so regularly with attacks, are becoming much more security conscious these days.

There have also been reports that AppleCare staff have been told not to help people with their MACdefender problems. The official line is that it is the job of anti-virus software to remove the problem and not Apple staff… Harsh!!!

On a related note, it appears that a Mac Malware creation kit is being circulated in the wild so it is just a matter of time before we see more attacks like this (or worse). Time for Mac Users to wake up and get protected.


2 responses to “It Bites: MACdefender Trojan on Macs

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