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MACDefender: The fix – Apple shows the way!

First we heard of MACDefender, the fake Anti-Virus program and suggested it would only trap the Unwary, then we hear that more people are falling for the scam than was originally expected… Now, Apple comes to the rescue with an official support article on how to remove it and a notification that a fix from an update will arrive “in the coming days” – There’s nothing like a timescale… and that’s nothing like a timescale.

Apple have written a support article numbered HT4650 titled “how to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware” includes a description of the software, as well as steps to remove it.

Apple have not said how many people have contacted Apple Stores or Apple Support on the issue and as perviously mentioned, there are doubts on Apple’s part that it is their responsibility to aid users with this sort of problem but there must have been a sizeable amount to force them to create the support page and promise and update fix. Nonetheless, as part of Apple’s Control over the user experience, it is in their best interests to secure the OS and their reputation.


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