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Recent Tech articles – 22nd-29th May

This week we start off with updates from last weeks news. Firstly Apple stood up for their developers against the Patent troll company, Lodsys with a no nonsense letter telling them to halt their current activities.

Apple stayed in the news when they announced a support article on how to remove the MacDefender Trojan and then the Trojan re-appeared later on in the week with an updated threat. MacGuard works in the same way as MacDefender but does not require a password to install the malware.

The professional social network LinkedIn went public at the beginning of the week. The dust had barely settled on the news of the hugely inflated stock price before a researcher announced a security threat to users.

On the 24th and 25th the E-G8 forum was held in France with many business leaders and Internet experts met to discuss the topic of the neutral net (or not)

Google made a bit of a shock announcement to some developers when it announced a series of API deprecations… This in itself is not shocking due to it being a regular procedure. What was shocking however was the sneaking in of the shutdown of the Translate API with no replacement offered.

Finally, i’ll end off this week with an app recommendation for Mac OSX users. Alfred is a shortcut/launcher app that I have just got reacquainted with…


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