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Is the Internet going button crazy?

When Facebook initially launched it’s Like button, no-one was really sure how it was going to work out… Would it be a fad that would fade away or be a runaway success? It would seem that the latter option was the one to come true and around a year later they have gone on to incude the addition of their Send button to allow sharing of Facebook Group information too.

Now others are starting to take notice of this success and looking to replicate if for their own domains. This week, Google and Twitter released their own options and then LinkedIn added their own variant to allow employers to add a “Apply with LinkedIn” button.

Twitter has launched a Follow button, enabling users to subscribe to the Twitter feeds of companies and individuals directly from their websites with a click.

Previously, twitter web badges took a user off-site to the website to complete the follow procedure. The new button, assuming you are logged on in the background, will complete the procedure quickly and wihout opening a new page. Those users who want to control the experience of want to preview the profile first can do so by clicking the username next to the Follow button.

You can find the code to add the follow button to your site here. You can use the same code to add it to your blog too. If you are using the WordPress.com hosted site then there is a tick box in the twitter widget to allow inclusion of the follow button.

On the 1st of June, Google extended the use of the +1 button from just clicking preferred search results to allowing the addition of +1 for webmasters so they can start putting on web pages.
Recommendations posted by you or friends are added to Google search results, allowing for some better personalised search ranking.

The code to add +1 to your own website cab be found here. If you are a google blogger user +1 is available to you and the javascript code is easily added to your self-hosted wordpress blog. Sadly at this point there is now way of adding it to your wordpress.com yet though it has been promised.

Although it hasn’t been officially released yet, it has been reported that the social network that has been the most dominant social network amongst professionals is going to release a button for employers to add the functionality to apply for a position through LinkedIn.

Effectively this will allow the applicant to apply for a job with the information that is in their online profile with additional questions (up to five) that can be asked from a template that employers can complete.

The feature, the first one since the company went public, should be released later this month.


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