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WWDC 2011 highlights – Apple OSX 10.7 – LION

There was a lot in Lion that a lot of people knew about , there are a lot of machines out there with the developer edition already sitting there as their secondary boot partition or (hush now) Hackintosh setup. Just to recap, this means greater integration with the Mac App Store, full screen support for applications (works like it would on an iPad) and a heavy use of multi-touch gestures. Lion also introduces the Launchpad, an iPad-like home screen with rows of icons or groups for launching apps and Mission Control which enhances what is currently Spaces and Expose

What we did get that was new:

  • Auto Save and File versioning – as you would expect, saving your document as you go in the background. There is also an option to Revert to the previous version of a document.
  • Auto Resume of Apps – Allows you to save your state when quitting an app or rebooting your machine. Restart an app and all documents that were open before are open when you reactivate the app, reboot and your desktop is restored, just the way you left it
  • AirDrop – a P2P Wi-Fi network for local file sharing. Your Mac is aware of other Macs in the vicinity. Open up the AirDrop tab in Finder, drag a document over the machine you want to send to a voila, its done.
  • A newly designed Apple Mail app – The interface is going to look a lot like the iPad mail app with better search and threaded conversations.
  • A new search – Spotlight replacement

We also got an updated release schedule and price.

  • Mac OSX 10.7 will only be sold through the App Store so that’s going to be a 4Gb download for each machine you own in your home. By coming down from the App Store however there is no need for any family edition licensing; buy it once and download as many times as you have machines…
  • The software will be available in mid July
  • It will retail for $30 or £20.99 in UK Pounds

OK, my own tuppenceworth here, all this is great and good for the home user or small business, you will probably have no issues downloading and installing the software but what about the Enterprise? They havent been mentioned… Are they expected to download per machine for an update? And how? Do all the machines need their own Apple ID? After all the licence download is a personal one and not one for going on 30+ machines.

I did say above that the home owner would be Ok but after a couple of downloads of Mac OS, hows that data cap holding up? If, like me, you are on a mobile plan, that’s squeezed even smaller.

Ok, thats enough on Lion… Next posting is on IOS 5.


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