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Facebook in trouble over automated face tagging

Facebook have opted to enter an arena the Google isn’t willing to tread. Not so long ago Eric Schmidt stated thst although Google had the capability to add facial recognition to its Google Goggles application, it want going to implement it over fears that the public would be against it over privacy fears. Earlier this week on the 7th June Facebook posted un update to this blog post stating

We’ve been rolling Tag Suggestions out over the last several months and this feature is now available in most countries. We’ll continue to post updates here as the roll-out progresses.

Facebook announced last year it’s intention to roll out it’s tag suggestions feature and although initially it was only available in the US, it has been stealth rolling out it’s facial recognition system world wide. Once up and running, any pictures you upload will be compared to friends profile pics and if there is a match you will be asked if you want to tag their name to the face. This is exactly the same process that you have been able to do manually, it’s just automating it. You get notified when you’re tagged and can untag yourself from any picture if you wish. You can disable suggested tags in their Privacy Settings but by default the setting is enabled

And it is mainly due to the fact that that settings are opt-out rather than opt-in that plus the lack of notification to users that the company is facing a probe by the European Union and authorities in the U.K. and Ireland. Also, A privacy-rights group said it plans to file a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.. I think it’s safe to say that Facebook has a lot of people’s backs up.

To disable the settings click. “Account” and select “Privacy Setting”. On the Privacy Settings page find and click “Customise Settings”. Scroll till you find the “Suggest photos of me to friends” and click edit settings. Set the option to disabled and click OK, Now your name will no longer be suggested in photo tags. However, friends will still be able to tag you manually.


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