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Microsoft BPOS goes offline for three and a half hours.

As we head towards Microsoft Office365 cloud offering coming out of Beta, I am sure that they could be doing without BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), the suite that 365 will replace, experiencing further outages.

Office 365 services, which are still in beta, were not affected by the outages, Microsoft said. Like BPOS, the new suite of tools — which include Office Online, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office web apps and the Lync videoconferencing software — are hosted in the cloud. However, unlike BPOS, the Office 365 tools are based on the 2010 versions of the desktop software, whereas BPOS is based on the 2007 versions.

The BPOS outage happened to American users of the system on Wednesday at 07:40 California time. For over three hours some customers were left with limited, erratic or no access to Sharepoint and Exchange Online tools. Users were left without any idea on what was happening and even logging support tickets was not available.

Microsoft said the Exchange and SharePoint services came back online about an hour and a half after the problems began, and single sign-on was restored about an hour after that.

“All services returned to normal at 11:19 am,” Microsoft said. “During this incident, customers were updated via social media channels, as access to the Service Health Dashboard was impacted by this incident.”


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