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Gamification: gaming the real world

Gamification is one of those hot topics of the moment; Its hard not to find a new game or social app these days that doesn’t have some competitive element, a progress bar, badges, a reward etc. Its nothing new, we have been using loyalty cards for years: Shopping gets you points and we all know what points make, rewards.

LinkedIn gives you a percentage bar that indicates how complete your profile is. After implementing that change they found that people were more likely to finish filling in their profile.

Foursquare is a prime example of gamification where checking in every day to your local coffee shop may well earn you a free muffin at the end of the week. Another “reward” is that of virtual badges and it is easy to find yourself in a competitive state to get more badges than your friends in your social network.

This week the BBC published an article showing how this gamification can be used to complete real world tasks as well. Its well worth a read. Click here to go there now.

Update 08-07-11

Mashable have also produced a post named 7 Winning Examples of Game Mechanics in Action which has some more examples in it


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