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Infostripe – A personal landing page with mobile in mind,

Infostripe describes itself as a free easy way to create a new mobile-friendly website about anything. It presents your information in a simple vertical format and connects up all your social networks to allow others to find you across the web. Infostripe allows you to connect over 200 websites, stores, social networks and communities.

I set up my own Infostripe at http://www.infostripe.com/cbeagrie and there really is very little to it. Click on the Register button at the Infostripe site (it’s free) and then start off by putting in the usual requested username, password, email and site title and then click the create button. There are four sections that you can now complete: Details, Social, Media, and Colors.

In Details you can edit the site title or add any combination of description, URL, phone number, and location. It also gives you a QR code so people can readily save your infostripe for future reference.

In the Social section there is a list of 200 social networks that you can complete the URL’s for to create a badge for it at the top of your stripe. Here you can add your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other network you are part of. If you add your twitter id, the latest updates will also be included in your profile as well.

Media is where you can insert content into your infostripe. Here you can include your logo, embed videos (from Youtube, Vimeo, ustream and Justin.tv) and add up to three of your blog or RSS feed(s).

Lastly, Colors allows you to set the basic colors of your infostripe.

Your page is now complete
Now, unless your networks increase or decrease you don’t need to edit any more as all your infostripe content is then generated from your RSS/blog/twitter or video updates from those other sites.

This is a completely different way of exposing people to your content in a non-cluttered linear manner yet still allowing the ability to include rich media in that content. You can as per other social sites, favourite other Infostripes for looking them back up later and sharing with others


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