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Recent Tech articles 27th June – 3rd July 2011

Its been one of those odd weeks in Tech this week as one giant dominates a lot of the news. At the beginning of the week Google started announced details of Google+ the much awaited social network from the search giant. Despite previous fails in this department, they are not giving up and with new management in the driving seat Google+ released to a limited audience. Rabid early adopters (like me) are still waiting for their invites to the network while others have gained access through backdoors (now closed). Once released, Google set upon changing the face of other sections with Search, Mail and Calendar getting a makeover

As well as releasing a new social network the boffins at Google labs released Swiffy – a Flash to HTML5 convertor aimed mostly at advertisers. It is not a global website changer as a very emphatic commenter let me know.

I heard through the Microsoft Faculty connection of an updated business application named Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011 that will be released fully on July 26. You can find more information on Lightswitch here including a beta download, training information and How-To videos.

The rest is security news:

Finally, Microsoft disables Autorun defaults in Vista and XP and Surprise Surprise! Infections decrease. A patch to change the Autorun defaults were pushed out in February this year and you can see the 3 monthly graphs of decreasing infections here.

In a couple of smaller stories I wrapped up together, Computer users, You are the weakest link is all about the weakest link that can confound almost any security policy: People.

Finally for this week a posting on an update of an existing botnet : Security experts describe new botnet as almost ‘indestructible’

I am as most of you know already a Mac and iPad user. I recently converted a colleague of mine to to the joys of the iPad and spent a few hours trying to get the setup just right for working. During all that Jean-Clause found a lovely webdav tool to allow you to access dropbox using webDAV for free. That allows Pages to save directly back to a Dropbox. See Using DropDav (Limited) with Dropbox and Pages (etc) on iPad if you want to set something similar up yourself.


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