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Global team to fight global cybercrime

Up till now, the best treaty across Europe for joint tackling of cybercrime has been the European Convention on Cybercrime which was ratified by the UK in 2009. In 2010, the Government said that cybercrime and terrorism were among the key dangers to UK security. Earlier this year, significant attacks on the likes of Lockheed-Martin have made governments sit up and take notice. Now as of Tuesday we have the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) which has been set up to fight cybercrime on a global scale.

David Cameron welcomed the alliance.

“Our government has already injected an additional £650m to help improve our national infrastructure and protect against cybercrime, but the very nature of this threat calls for more than a national response; it demands a truly global response and that is what the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance is all about,” he said.

Funding for the alliance is expected to come from the EU and a number of governments through the European Union with later plans to apply for funding to the US, Canada and Australia.

Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire said that although the internet has brought great opportunities for individuals and businesses, it has also enabled criminals to operate “across national boundaries”.

“Cybercrime is a truly global problem and to tackle it we need strong partnership between countries and across private and public sectors,” he said.


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