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Recent Security attacks

July 12th – Booz Allen Hamilton
Anonymous accessed up to 90,000 emails and password hashes from US military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. They also claimed that they still had more but had not released them. The information was pulled from an unprotected server.

The release of the email addresses opens the company up to future malware and social engineering attacks and the password hashes are likely to be brute forced offline to allow access to people’s accounts and potentially data.

July 14th 2011 – Pentagon hacked, 24,000 files stolen
Only reported now, the Pentagon was hacked earlier this year in March this year by what was described as ‘foreign intruders’. In this attack 24,000 files were stolen in one of the biggest cyber-attacks ever on the U.S. military, according to a Department of Defense official.

William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense, acknowledged the brazen theft during a speech while detailing a plan to strengthen the country’s cyber-security; details on what kind of files were stolen was not disclosed.

The aim for the future is aimed less at simply reducing the chances of attack but also to lessen the value of what could be taken:

“Rather than rely on the threat of retaliation alone to deter attacks in cyberspace, we aim to change our adversaries’ incentives in a more fundamental way. If an attack will not have its intended effect, those who wish us harm will have less reason to target us through cyberspace in the first place.”

18th July 2011 – UK Lady Gaga site hacked.
Retrofuzz, the Manchester firm that designed the UK Gaga site didn’t do a very good job at securing the site as on the 27th June hackers from the Swagsec group broke in and stole thousands of personal details, according to the Guardian. Universal Music told the paper that not financial details were taken but all those affected had been contacted and advised to change passwords

July 19th 2011 – Sun website hacked.
LulzSec disbanded? Think again. Part of the News International group the Sun newspaper were hacked by the AntiSec group who tampered with the news website. Readers were redirected to a hoax story which said Rupert Murdoch had been found dead in his garden. People trying to access thesun.co.uk were taken to new-times.co.uk and a story entitled “Media mogul’s body discovered”.

The group of hackers claimed responsibility via Twitter.

July 21st 2011 – Anonymous hacks NATO
Anonymous members claim to have hacked Nato servers, and to have gained access to restricted documents.
The hacker group claimed to have approximately one gigabyte of Nato data in a Twitter post on Thursday.

“Yes, #NATO was breached. And we have lots of restricted material. With some simple injection. In the next days, wait for interesting data :),” the AnonymousIRC Twitter feed said. “We are sitting on about one Gigabyte of data from NATO now, most of which we cannot publish as it would be irresponsible. But Oh NATO….”

Later that same day NATO replied downplaying the security of the information taken stating that RESTRICTED is the lowest of the five grades of information. The scale runs on up through CONFIDENTIAL to SECRET and then TOP SECRET. Really hot stuff is usually compartmentalised under a special codeword


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