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It’s all go for Google Go

The Go programming language has been used for ‘real stuff’ at Google since last May. Go’s “gc” compiler targets multiple OS’s on multiple architectures. Go is an expressive, concurrent, garbage-collected systems programming language.

last week, the Go Programming Language Blog revealed that the Go runtime for App Engine was now released for general use. Google had mentioned Go at the 2011 I/O event earlier this year and the team has been in serious development till now. Anyone who has been playing with Go apps up till this point can now publish them using the latest SDK.

App Engine was first launched in 2008 with support for Python, adding Java support in 2009. Support for Go on App Engine was first announced at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, albeit on an experimental basis.

The 1.5.2 release is based on the latest stable version of Go, release.r58.1 – it introduces api_version2 and is not backward compatible with the previous release. Existing apps may require changes as per the r58 release notes. Go App Engine documentation, including a Getting Started guide, is available on Google Code.


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