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Suspected Lulzsec spokesperson, charged

Last week, as part of a pre-planned operation an 18 year old male from Shetland was arrested. Jake Jarvis was accused of being ‘Topiary’, the spokesperson for Anonymous and Lulzsec and was transferred to London for questioning. Most recreantly Topiary was considered to be the one behind the Lulzsec Twitter account which now only shows one tweet: “You cannot arrest an idea”.

Shortly afterwards a group named the Web Ninjas announced that Topiary was not a teenager from Scotland but a 23 year old Swedish man instead. This was considered to be simply misinformation spread about by the hacktivist groups and Jake was to appear before court this Monday.

Oddly enough, the evidence that incriminates Jake are the 750K ID’s on his PC along with drafts of the fake Murdoch death tweets. After all the sites Anonymous and Lulzsec have hacked, don’t you think that a member of that group wouldn’t keep his own information secure?

The court released him on bail. He has been ordered to live with his mother and is banned from accessing the Internet. He faces a curfew from 10pm until 7am each night, and he must wear a monitoring device to verify his compliance. His next court date is set for August 30.


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