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Stanford University modules to run for free this Autumn 2011

— Update —

This must have been a successful experiment because Standford and Berkley are at it again in 2012… Read about it here
Colin Beagrie

Jan 2012

–End —

This Autumn, and running through from October to December, Stanford University is running a distributed learning experiment and allowing worldwide, online participation of three of it’s modules and it is totally free. Of course, you are not a Stanford student and you won’t get a certificate for your endeavours. However You will receive a statement of accomplishment from the instructors which will include information on how well you did and how your performance compared to other online students.

The course is going to be primarily video based and work is ongoing currently to provide text transcripts to make them more accessible. You will not have direct access to the tutor on this course; questions can be submitted but only the top ranked of those will be followed up during a lecture. Instead, students will be using an online evaluation tool that will evaluate the progress of the student during the students time on the module. Quizzes and exams will also be administered electronically.

The three courses available are:

An introduction to aaArtificial Intelligence
Introduction to Databases
Introduction to Machine Learning

You can register your interest to apply by email currently with further details being released later in the summer.


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