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Adobe Muse web development tool released

Adobe’s flagship web development tool now has a little brother; a new web tool has been released called Muse. Unlike it’s bigger sibling however, Muse is aimed at those who don’t want to see any code. The release is currently on public beta currently but the final release is set to be Adobe’s first subscription only release and looks set to be released officially in early 2012. Muse is set to stay free until its official release to allow people to feedback on the tool.

An E-learning colleague of mine took a look at it.. He probably wasn’t the typical user Adobe is aiming the software at that and described the resulting code that Muse produced as “DIV city”. If you are a web developer then this isn’t for you. If however all you are looking to develop is a nicely designed landing or brochure page with content that isn’t going to change overly much then it might be worth looking at.

Muse is an Adobe Air application and so is available on both Windows and Mac and takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3. You do have the ability to add HTML snippets or dynamic content information to a Muse page, and the app also comes with a set of pre-defined jQuery widgets to add links to external feeds and can take advantage of CSS3 transitions. Sites can be published through Adobe Business Catalyst and publish direct from Muse. Alternatively the contents can be exported and the files uploaded to your website.


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