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Problems with Nike+ Sportsband

Recently I got a new Nike+ Sportsband. I have been using Nike+ for about three years now and other than some of those times when you have to stop for traffic on the roads and then forget to restart the band, my experiences have been quite positive.

My intention this year was (and still is) to reach a total of 1,000 miles this year and I will admit that I was purely concentrating on the distance so when I uploaded a run I took it on faith that it was uploading the run successfully.

One day though, I thought I would check on how a run had gone and found that several runs had not uploaded and randomly it seemed that I had lost several runs. I thought there was a problem with the band and reset it and it still didnt help.

So i returned to using my ipod touch for recording my runs but after a weeks running i wastold that no runs had uploaded since the previous Saturday.

Overall, I think I lost around 65 miles of running and it isaffecting my attempt to record the 1,000 miles I was looking to achieve.

I will admit that I was quite narked when I sent a support request to Nike+ Support to ask if there was anything they could do to a) retrieve lost runs and b) stop it from happening again. Gabe, the support person unfortunate to pick up my call was very nice about it all and it looks like the fix for this problem is quite simple. Unfortunately, lost runs are just that – lost and the fix mentioned below is pretty much in response to finding there is a problem rather than preventative. However if you find you have a similar problem, here’s the fix.

1. First clear your cache and cookies, I would recommend that you do this often. More info on how to do it in the link below


Next, clear your flash cookies:

– In your browser, navigate to:


– Under “visited website’s,” locate and select “nikeplus.nike.com.”
– Select “Delete website.”

If your iPod has stopped syncing then the fix for this is below:

1) Dock your iPod touch. When iTunes opens go to the Nike + iPod tab.
2) Un-check the check box to “Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com” and click Apply.
3) Safely un-dock your iPod touch.
4) Go for a run or short test workout. Around the room is fine. Just enough to register a distance on the iPod touch.
5) Dock your iPod touch, then select the check box to “Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com” and click Apply at the bottom-right of the screen.
6) iTunes will make the connection to nikeplus.com and send the workout.

Note: At this point, the workout is not attached to your account.

7) In iTunes, the button to “Visit nikeplus.com” should be displayed (you may be presented with a window to either “Visit” or “Don’t Visit”). Click on Visit and your default internet browser should open and go to nikeplus.com.
8) Your workout is visible, but it still is not attached to your nikeplus.com account. Log in to nikeplus.com and the workout will attach to your account.
9) Close the browser window. It does not matter if you log out or not.
10) Go back to iTunes and click on the button, “Visit nikeplus.com.” Your web browser should open, but you can close it immediately.
11) Go back to iTunes. Your email address should appear below the “Automatically send workout data to nikeplus.com” check box and the options Cancel and Apply will appear. Click Apply to save this setting.

Once you have completed these steps it should allow all of your future workouts to upload to your profile without any troubles.


4 responses to “Problems with Nike+ Sportsband

  1. Jacklyn Giron February 1, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Colin! – I can definitely empathize on the Nike front. I run with Nike+ as well and have been since it first came out back in 2006. I recently converted to Garmin, even though I often encourage beginner runners to pick up a Nike sensor 🙂 This is a bit of a shameless plug for something we built, but you might like smashrun.com – here’s my Nike+ stats: http://smashrun.com/jacklyn.giron

  2. iridebikesalot February 3, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Colin! Thank you so much for such awesome instructions! I spent all night trying to figure out how to get my runs back, your fix did it—– Huzah !! Thanks again 🙂

    • Colin Beagrie February 3, 2012 at 9:08 pm

      I am glad it helped… I spent so much time emailing back and forth with the Nike+ support engineers and didn’t want anyone else to have to go through the same… Such an annoying problem isn’t it?

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