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Using Insync with Dropbox to get Google Docs files to your iPad

I was reading an article over Christmas about a now free service for synchronising your Google Docs with your PC or Mac Files… If you google Dropbox and insync you’ll find lots of stories on it. I originally read this one:

Forget Dropbox, Insync is your Google Docs-loving alternative and it’s free

I have been a fan of Google Docs for a long time but I had converted over to Dropbox because I could sync back and forth to the Desktop and also get it via GoodReader on the iPad. So far, there isn’t an insync client for IOS so I made my insync folder inside my Dropbox folder.

On the iPad, inside Goodreader I added the new insync folder to my Remote Sync list and so now, those files also go to my iPad too.

It’s a roundabout way of doing it but it’ll server till a proper sync client comes out.


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