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Moonlit Run – 14th Jan 2012

it was the first day back running after a week of Gastro-Intitis. I wanted to take it easy as a “back-to-it” run so it was punctuated with several drops down to a walk.

Thankfully it’s been windy enough to dry things off around here in Clola so although a frost had come down overnight, all it really affected on our track was the puddles in the potholes. The moon is getting fuller and with a clear sky I didn’t need my headlamp on… I love mornings like these, it’s like running through a black and white landscape.

Other than running by the light of the moon the other highlight of today’s run was hearing two owls hooting at each other down by the woods near West Chrichie.


One response to “Moonlit Run – 14th Jan 2012

  1. bearrunner January 15, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Hey, thanks for the comment. It is amazing how difficult nose breathing is. I guess due to it not being natural when you are pushing it. I have been trying to do it more


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