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Computer Science in Schools – The worsening take-up of the subject by girls.

Despite the upbeat feeling towards the positive steps being taken in improving ICT in Schools recently we are still facing problems currently with the effectiveness of the teaching and especially with girls as reported by the Guardian who led off with the headline : ‘Geek’ perception of computer science putting off girls, expert warns – Dumbing down of computing to IT literacy and lack of initiatives to inspire girls to take up the subject, worsening the shortage.

I posted out this tweet:

OK, I didn’t get many replies to them but I did get confirmation from some followers what the guardina said that essentially their girls were put off of Computer science because it seemed to them that it was leading them down a secretarial vocation  as opposed to a technical one.

What I do know is that we don’t want to repeat Lego’s recent folly of releasing Lego for Girls. Like Lego, Computer Science already is for girls; Nothing needs to change other than the perception that it’s just for boys. Now how do we get that message out to Schools?


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