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Oops! I did it again… A story of falling down.

I have lost count of the number of times I have gone over my ankle running but I managed it once again this week. The last time I went over an ankle was last August. This time it was the other foot. The image on the right there shows the swelling and the bruising.

Monday morning was cold and frosty as we had expected and we had already made our minds up that the farm track would in all likelihood be too icy to run on due to all the puddles. Instead we got up a little earlier and run along the A952 between Clola and Mintlaw. This road is never truly quiet but if you get out sharpish then the volume of traffic isn’t too heavy.

The temperature was just under 0°C so it was on with the thermal layers and then our reflective vests, headlamps, belt lamps and Adidas flashing arm bands; We want to be seen out on the road. Once our shuffles and earphones are in and the volume right low we are ready for the off.

Tracy, my other half runs so much faster than I do and is quickly out of sight leaving me in a darkness that is only punched by two smallish orbs of light; Sometimes when it is dark like this its like the dark is trying to snuff out your little lights. I settle into a pace and set off for my goal; two miles out and two miles back again is all I have time for in a weekday morning. Other than the occasional car either coming at me or behind me the road is quite quiet.

On the road back the traffic starts to increase in volume and I end up having to weave from one side of the road to the other more often. On the last mile, it happens. I see a truck coming towards me and I head to the other side, moving to the outer edge of the road in case there is an idiot trying to overtake at speed. As I find out, the edge of the road is quite crumbly and uneven and as the truck passes me I feel that sickening, lurching feeling in my ankle.. Then, tumbling, falling and land on shoulder in the verge. OUCH! (Actually I said a lot more than that but i am keeping this post clean… The air was blue)… The next short while is spent limping while the initial pain subsides before lurching for home at a half run/half lurch.

I guess that’s me off my feet and not running for at least a week till it heals up.


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