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Cooler Master Cosmos II Unboxing – Extreme PC Building

Take a read about Daniels review of his new Cooler Master Cosmos II case.

What he hasn’t mentioned us how he came about getting this case; He won it in a competition that was run by Cooler Master themselves… But I already get ahead of myself. First we need to rewind about a month….

Daniel is our local expert on video production in the School of Computing at RGU and we were having a discussion about some new HP workstations we were speccing up for Video editing. I casually asked Daniel what he had at home and was a little shocked (and deeply disappointed) to find that all he had stay home was an ageing laptop.

He was shamed by my disappointment I think because the next I hear is that he is speccing his own new über-workstation. As part of this he entered a competition for the case for his world dominating machine… And he won, with this text.

And the winner of the Cosmos 2 is: Daniel Doolan!

As reason why Daniel deserves to win a Cooler Master Cosmos 2 he gave:

“I am looking to build my first PC from scratch and am looking for a case that will allow for future expansion.
I lecture in Computer Science at University and our Computer Systems Manager was horrified to hear that I had been running a laptop at home for the past few years.

He was expecting that I would have been running a really over the top extremely overclocked machine.
So this is a chance to build a machine for myself that will hopefully live up to the expectations of what our Computer System Manager would expect from me (he always comes to me when we go shopping for new equipment for the School from renderfarms and 3d motion tracking systems to high-end video cameras).

I lecture quite a bit in the area of Multimedia, and really do need to put together a beefy machine to handle audio/video/ 3d rendering allowing me to work easier from home.

Another thing I do quite a number of times each year is to go around to schools and give workshops on topics such as computer networking, games programming and building a PC.
At present the lecture slides I have for this are fairly old, and deal with just a very bog standard system.

By building my own high end machine I can use some photographs / videos in my presentation to illustrate just what can be created.

From reading the specifications I believe this case is one of the best available and provides more than enough room for future expansion.”

Glad to have been of help Daniel

Dr. Daniel C. Doolan News & Photos

Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case Unboxing. If you are building an extreme gaming case then this is certainly one to consider, providing you with 13 HD bays, support for more or less every type of motherboard, graphics cards up to 15.5 inches in length. It also allows for the installation of a 360mm rad on top and a 240mm rad at the bottom (with the removal of 6 hard disk bays) to create a nice watercooling loop to cater for all your CPU & GPU needs.

The big question is what components would you put into a case like this, in particular what type of system would you install for cooling – would you go Air or Water? If you go for water cooling would you go for an integrated system like the Corsair H100 or go with a set of rads something like those from hwlabs (you…

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