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Durie and Lenabo woods Circular(ish) Run

On the 14th of April I took a sort of circularish run through Durie and cut across to Lenabo woods and then back home again after a total of 11 miles. I did have to put in a little extra spur to get to the 11 before I got home.

you can see the whole run stats at Smashrun here: http://smashrun.com/cbeagrie/run/2012/4/14

It wasn’t the furthest I have run but it is the fastest I have done this length of run, so very happy with it.

Durie, according to Wikipedia, is a former weaver’s hamlet situated half a mile east of Clola Church. It is mentioned in records as far back as 1588, when it was spelt Dowrie. By 1600 the modern day spelling was adopted. The name is believed to come from the Gaelic dobhar or dobhran meaning a small stream, and the name Durie was originally applied to the Clola Burn which runs nearby.

RNAS Longside plaque
Something I didnt know about my surrounding area was that Lenabo Woods used to house a Royal Navy Airship Station in World War One and was known as RNAS Longside. There was a spur taken from the original Formartine Railway line at Longside to supply the Airship Station. Sadly, now there is nothing but ruins to mark the place. It is well worth reading Grey Granite’s post on the topic and has some photos of the area there also.

This shows the commemorative plaque that is fixed to one of the ruins thought to be the officers building:

This link from Geolocation.ws site shows some more photos of the area including RNAS Longside.


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