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Customer Feedback – A Rant

I got yet another customer feedback email in my Inbox today… Is anyone else getting as fed up of them as I am?  I have officially started seeing red about constantly being bombarded to give feedback all the time… Its getting to the obstructive level…

You go onto a website and before you can look at anything… “HI there! How are you! Hope your having a super time on our super site! Please tell us how good we are… Please, please, Puleeeaaasssee”.

Likewise, you get these overlays on sites that say “Our online staff are ready to answer any queries you may have, do you want to open a chat window?”… NO I DON’T… IF I WANTED TO DO IT, I WILL DO IT MYSELF, I am capable you know… I can get up, get myself dressed and clean my teeth by myself too and have been for years… SOD OFF!

And then there are these sodding emails asking my to let them know what a flipping good job they did with their last customer services call they took from you… You an bet that I am only ever going to fill that  in when you left me waiting hanging on the line for twenty minutes.. You do know that, right?

Now I know that gaining feedback from your customers is one of the easiest ways that a business can ensure that they are meeting their needs. It can help strengthen and deepen the customer relationships – If it’s done right. Right now I don’t think it is being done correctly, it’s overkill and I’m done with it!

Much like with cold calling, If I want something or if I have something to say,  I will let you know, have no fear of that!

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