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Beware the low Klout score! | TechRepublic

Beware the low Klout score! | TechRepublic.

OK before I go off on one… Read the article above and then come back to here… Done that? Good.. Then we shall begin. If you don’t know what Klout is, here’s a quick synopsis (and my own opinion of it) from a social media guide I recently put together:

Klout, (http://www.klout.com) if you don’t know anything about it, is the current gold standard for measuring online influence. Bearing in mind that it’s just a number and doesn’t necessarily mean anything in it’s own right, it is still a valuable measuring stick for comparing performance both against your own goals as well as other people or competitors.  Keep an eye not so much on the overall Klout score, but on the “Network Influence” score. This is the influence of one’s engaged audience, in other words, how influential the audience is and how much they actually listen to whats said. That’s a “metric that matters!”

The upshot of the article (and the other sites that published similar stories) means that if you are looking for a position in marketing or in Social Media, you need to have a Klout score, whether you want it or not.. To make matters worse Sam goes on to increase his Klout score to 72 and gets himself a position shortly afterwards… I think there’s a lot of clueless employers out there. Considering that it is unclear what you are being measured against, its a pretty unfair metric to deal with.  There is also a backlash from some Social Media cirlces that contest that the Klout score is totally meaningless… See Aleks Krotoski’s Wired Article : Your Klout score is meaningless from February this year

Another thing I am not totally happy with the companies practices is that, chances are, you already have a Klout score even if you have never signed up for it or given consent for them to use your data. In these days of data privacy backlashes, I am quite uncomfortable with this way of getting people onboard.

My own score recently jumped from 45 to 49 and then to 50 despite me doing anything different that I was aware of. Though probably it will have dropped again by the time you have read this.

Click here to see my Klout score: http://widgets.klout.com/badge/cbeagrie and feel free to add me as an influencer on Klout itself on my account there: http://klout.com/#/cbeagrie


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