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Wild Bap!

ImageSpotted earlier today on a run I was on, a very rare scottish animal indeed, the lesser common Wild Bap (Wildicus Bapius). The wild bap has a hardish exterior protecting its fleshy insides.

In the rare occurrence that it is found its head and legs retract into the body and it lies inert in an effort not to be seen.

It can often be seen in the proximity of bacon or beef.


Update: from demand by readers, I have been asked about the difference between Wildicus Bapicus and the more commonly found Bapicus Domesticus.

The Genus Bapicus Domesticus differs from its wild cousin firstly from its more common appearance in bakeries and supermarkets by humans. Human beings have been instrumental in the domestication from its wild form and much like with dogs have altered its appearance to fit in with their lifestyles. Variants include the addition of seeds and grains and sometimes come pre-sliced. The biggest crime against the Bapicus line has been the inclusion of flour to the top.


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