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Apple Mac not shutting down properly? Check the Console

shutdown I’d like to extend my thanks to Killerwolf for this blog post that helped my diagnose the problem – Read it here 

I’ve been having problems for a wee while with my Macbook Air not shutting down properly… It had been happening for a while but I just simply had no spare time to diagnose it and simply hitting Fn-Pwr to close it down… not the recommended route to fixing the problem. Every time I shut down the machine I ended up staring at a grey screen that had the Finder menu up with the services in the menu bar closing down one by one but never actually closing down fully.

My first port of call was to check that all was OK with the software so rebooted and held down the Command (⌘)-R keys and opened up Disk Utilities to do a permissions check followed by a Disk check. No problems there.

Not that I thought there was a hardware problem, but a hardware check wont hurt either so another reboot holding down the D key put me into the hardware test mode and unsurprisingly, no problems recorded there either.

I found a couple of recommendations to try booting into Safe Mode… This seemed a little dubious but it does clear some caches and does a system check on the way up, and heck, nothing else has helped so tried in and although it shutdown fine from Safe Mode, the symptom came back after a normal boot up and shutdown request. So, its nothing system related then.

I started looking at what was in startup by opening System Preferences -> Users and Groups and under my ID look at Login Items… Disabling them all still didn’t help at the next reboot… Still that infuriating grey screen And so finally, I end up at the console log, where I probably should have started and it was there that I noticed reference to three repeating logs about com.bluestacks files… I located these in the ~/Library folder but how best to get rid of them? I could delete them, but there may be other files lying about and thats when I came across Killerwolfs post. Follow these steps to remove all traces of the software. bluestacks-uninstall

  1. Open a terminal
  2. go to cd ~/Library/BlueStacks App Player/Uninstall/Clear BlueStacks User Data.app/Contents/MacOS
  3. then run sh uHD-ClearUserData
  4. hit Delete in the confirm popup

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