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RebelMouse – A Social Media Aggregator

I'm a little bit late to this party as this one has been about for about a year now but it's just starting to come into its own. RebelMouse is a service launched in 2012, allowing users to pull their content together from across social networks. You can find out about it at http://www.rebelmouse.com and sign up for an account for free from any of your existing social networks.

Even of the free account, not only can you combine your Twitter and Facebook feeds but a host of other networks to. It displays your aggregated feed as a personal bulletin board – a bit like a pinterest board – and it is organized by headlines with stories falling underneath. If you want, you can even customize the content by fidgeting with the font sizes or rearranging the posts.

Here's mine at http://www.rebelmouse.com/cbeagrie and the one I did that covers the social feeds from the University School I work for at http://www.rebelmouse.com/rgucsdm.

You can even embed your dashboard onto a wordpress.com blog… Here's the how-to page link here: http://blog.rebelmouse.com/how_to_embed_on_wordpresscom-127145773.html

I managed to embed to them into my blog very simply here https://cbeagrie.wordpress.com/rebelmouse-dashboard/ and here https://cbeagrie.wordpress.com/rgu-csdm-rebelmouse-dashboard/



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