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Podcasts I regularly listen to

I listen to podcasts on pretty much a daily basis. Between them and my Audible subscription, I have more than enough to keep my hourly weekday commute, on runs and weekend dog walks.

From the world of Tech, I listen a lot to the Twit.tv network… Darn you to heck Leo Laporte for making so much good programmes to listen to… Actually there is more, I have just have no more spare time left to listen to them:

The Quick and Dirty Tips network covers a wide and varied amount of topics. The ones below are the ones I am listening to right now,

Other Miscellany:

Answer Me This is a very amusing podcast where listeners post those questions you always wanted to ask but were afraid to ask and Helen and Olly provide the answers.

Motivation To Move actually runs a daily motivational podcast if your willing to pay for it. However, on (pretty much) a weekly basis, you can get a free one with some observations on how to improve your outlook on life.


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