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Blogging in 2012 – My goals

This blog started off life as my rants against the world and those article comments that were too long for Twitter to cope with. Then came the occasional posting about significant runs or goals met.

Laterally I started writing tech posts mostly aimed at the students of the School of Computing at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen where I work. The reality was though that even if I rewrote about tech events etc in my own words it is still technically scraping what is already there and becomes a very time consuming. As a result, by the end of October I ran out of steam to keep it up.

Now at the beginning of 2012, I’m going to try again to write about the aspects of tech news that catch my eye but rather than repost what is there, I intend to post links to original articles and write my own opinions about them. Short comments and opinions will end up as Twitter retweets that will appear on my paper.li weekly publication or may end up as weekly digests embedded into WordPress posts…

Time will show how I get on…


Recent Tech News – 13th-19th June

My weekly roundup of Tech News. There’s been a fair amount of Microsoft news but also an announcement from Google on search. In Security news, there is an article on why keeping patches up to date is important.

Microsoft News – Academic Search Beta released , Kinect SDK released and Tech.Days 2011 videos now available
Click here to view the article.

Microsoft releases the WebMatrix web development tool
Click here to view the article.

Microsoft warning of phishers posing as computer security experts in phone scam
Click here to view the article.

Reasons why we update – June Patch Tuesday and Java vulnerabilities
Click here to view the article.

Support retires for Office XP, Vista SP1 & Server 2008 SP0 as of July 12 2011
Click here to view the article.

Google enhances mobile and desktop search at “Inside Search”
Click here to view the article.

Finally, I thought i’d pass on a recommendation for those of you that have iPads and are keen bloggers using WordPress or Blogger to write… Take a look at Blogsy for iPad – Blogging for the iPad done right
Click here to view the article.

Blogsy – Blogging for the iPad done right

I heard about Blogsy after listening to a podcast episode of MacBreak weekly. I’ve been using the WordPress app on the iPad for a while and although it is a solid enough tool for writing posts, it is a bit Spartan when it comes to features for creating rich text posts. It is however free and does contain one feature that Blogsy doesn’t and that is the stats viewing page. Currently I am working with both till one comes out on top.

Blogsy is a simple, easy to use, and powerful blogging app that allows WordPress and Blogger users to create posts on their site. The app developers promise to add other blog engines to the list at some point. If you have multiple blogs you can select from multiple accounts with this app. The app work in two modes, rich text and an HTML view, swapping between the with a swipe of the finger.

You can upload pictures from your photos app but can also integrate with Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, and Google images sites from the toolbar on the right of the page by dragging them onto your blog page. Text entry is very simple too with the Formatting bar align the top allowing typical options such as Bold, Italics, bulleted and numbered lists and left, center and right alignments. Various heading settings, block quotes and a more button are also available.

Using the built in web browser you can insert hyperlinks with the push and drag of a button. Images too can be dragged off of other pages and embedded in your own by holding the image and then dragging onto your page.

Pushing the cog up on the top left of the post brings up a box allowing tags to be entered and categories selected and you can publish your post or upload it as a draft if you wish. This box can also be used to recall previously uploaded posts.

Blogsy currently costs £1.59 on the App Store

The following videos are from the App Developers on how to use Blogsy

Blogger goes down for two days – more cloud problems.

At the Google I/O (highlights here) conference in May 2011 Google effectively stood up and said that the time for local computing was dead; let’s store it all in the cloud. Later that week Blogger went down for just over 48 hours. Effectively between 7:37am on May 11th and 11am on May 13th (Pacific time) the service was unavailable to bloggers.

The problem was attributed to a maintenance update that caused a “data corruption” forcing Blogger staff to restore the system back to prior to the update. Some posts and comments from after the date were lost.

After the first 20.5 hours, read access was available for people to read blogs but not to post anything new and then at 10:24 on the 13th there was a posting by Eddie Kessler, Tech Lead/Manager of Blogger apologising for the problems and promising to do everything to ensure it never happened again.

It took until the 16th however to fully restore all the posts and comments that individuals were complaining about being missing.

Blogger is back post: http://buzz.blogger.com/2011/05/blogger-is-back.html
Blogger service disruption postings: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=7b6d0384a4f5fa00&hl=en

As well as blogger, the following companies have been having their own online problems too:

Microsoft would have us all storing our data with them and using software as a service on their Azure Cloud service but users have been complaining about patchy connection service since May 10th.

Recently WordPress was unavailable to bloggers on two separate occasions when the entire wordpress.com hosted blog service suffered a denial of service attack that was aimed at individual blogs.

As I have previously written about, Amazon suffered a catastrophic failure of their EBS service in the US.

As well as the above Sony with their PSN service and Square Enix both had their customer databases hacked with the former still having a big question over whether credit card information was taken too.

Never mind the question “should we put our faith in the cloud?”, companies should be thinking really hard about whether they are ready for it.

Streamlining the Blog

Thanks Onswipe. I mean that both sarcastically and sincerely; sarcastically because your new iPad view of the WordPress blog is going to give me work reorganising the layout of my own one and sincerely because that new cover flow is absolutely beautiful. Finally I thank you for it has given me the kick I need to get my blogging actually started. Unfortunately when I started I had the bright idea of separating my themes by pages up along the top. I don’t think the Onswipe theme addresses pages as well so I am streamlining my blog into simply posts and separate content by categories. This may mean that some of my already published content will be reposted.

For those of you WordPress bloggers that have not come across the new settings in the hosted sites (if you self host you will have to upgrade to 3.1 and download the plugin to get it working), you can now have your blog appear with a different theme for tablet devices (well iPad for now). If you have ever looked at the Ziteapp or Flipboard apps then your blog is displayed in a very similar manner.

The front page will give you a random sample from any images you have uploaded to your blog… In this I am one again tardy so thanks again Onswipe, image uploads added to the todo list. A swipe yo open ribbon is on the right hand side, slide it to open the blog posts

Once opened your latest posts are laid out in a layout to fit the content. Rotating the screen changes the layout.

I will cover the settings that are available to tweak the layout in later post… For now, let’s get this posted and my content moved about.

Heres the Link to the settings post: http://wp.me/pXzFZ-3u

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