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Recent Tech articles – 20th-26th June 2011

A lot of news this week centers around security issues.. We will start with it, and end with it… We started the week with two biggish issues from Dropbox and WordPress; On the Monday it was reported that a programmer’s error in a code update at Dropbox caused a temporary security breach that allowed any password to be used to access any user account. This was followed in the Tuesday with a release from WordPress when it announced it was forcing users to reset their passwords at WordPress.org after several popular plugins were compromised by hackers.

In Adobe news, to try and get beyond critics comments on their reliance on Flash and the Desktop, released one new product and put out on Preview another; At the beginning of the week they announced that Flash Builder 4.5.1 was ready for release and would allow IOS and Playbook development on top of the already existing Android platform. They then ended the week by announcing the preview of Edge – an HTML5 animation design tool.

On the Wednesday I started hearing on Twitter about an [at that point] unverified story from Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing which was suggesting that the UK Copyright lobby was in closed talks with the British Government on national web censorship… If you are a Net Neutrality follower, it’s worth reading including the BBC followup.

As we head towards Microsoft Office365 cloud offering coming out of Beta, I am sure that they could be doing without BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), the suite that 365 will replace, experiencing further outages which was reported midweek last week.

After last weeks release of the Kinect Windows SDK, i picked up some a couple of URLS’s one pointing to a Kinect Hacks site for inspiration on what you can do with it and the other was a series of videos from the Microsoft developers event the previous week.

Gamification is a hot topic at the moment. So what is it and how can it be used in real world situations?

As promised, we end the news of this week with more security news. Firstly, in an international raid called Operation Tribune Herald resulted in multiple equipment seizures of a group spreading scareware malware. And finally after 50 days at sea, LulzSec announces that they are disbanding… Or do they?

Something to play with – I found a new social site last week after hearing it mentioned on Mashable.com. Infostripe – A personal landing page with mobile in mind.


Blogger goes down for two days – more cloud problems.

At the Google I/O (highlights here) conference in May 2011 Google effectively stood up and said that the time for local computing was dead; let’s store it all in the cloud. Later that week Blogger went down for just over 48 hours. Effectively between 7:37am on May 11th and 11am on May 13th (Pacific time) the service was unavailable to bloggers.

The problem was attributed to a maintenance update that caused a “data corruption” forcing Blogger staff to restore the system back to prior to the update. Some posts and comments from after the date were lost.

After the first 20.5 hours, read access was available for people to read blogs but not to post anything new and then at 10:24 on the 13th there was a posting by Eddie Kessler, Tech Lead/Manager of Blogger apologising for the problems and promising to do everything to ensure it never happened again.

It took until the 16th however to fully restore all the posts and comments that individuals were complaining about being missing.

Blogger is back post: http://buzz.blogger.com/2011/05/blogger-is-back.html
Blogger service disruption postings: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=7b6d0384a4f5fa00&hl=en

As well as blogger, the following companies have been having their own online problems too:

Microsoft would have us all storing our data with them and using software as a service on their Azure Cloud service but users have been complaining about patchy connection service since May 10th.

Recently WordPress was unavailable to bloggers on two separate occasions when the entire wordpress.com hosted blog service suffered a denial of service attack that was aimed at individual blogs.

As I have previously written about, Amazon suffered a catastrophic failure of their EBS service in the US.

As well as the above Sony with their PSN service and Square Enix both had their customer databases hacked with the former still having a big question over whether credit card information was taken too.

Never mind the question “should we put our faith in the cloud?”, companies should be thinking really hard about whether they are ready for it.

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