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No Java on Mac OS X Lion – Do we care?

Chances are, if you work in a commercial business some of the apps you use or systems accessed via a Java Application or applet if however you are a home user, chances are you may not need it. Up until Lion was released, you got the Java runtime if you needed it or not. With the latest release this is no longer true.

Last year, in October, Apple caused a fair amount of unrest among Java developers when, in the release notes of a Java update, it said that Java on Mac had been “deprecated” and that it “may be removed from future versions of Mac OS.” The future of Java on OS X is unclear, but for now it appears when Apple drops development of Java that Oracle will assume the reins and maintain future releases of the runtime for OS X in partnership with Apple who would contribute the likes of a Java virtual machine, class libraries, a networking stack, and base code for a new graphical client in a future release.

So, what if you do need it then? Well currently apple is providing Java 1.6.0_26 (the same version that is available for Snow Leopard) for Lion users but is not developing it any further than this. So, if an application requires it on your Mac a window will pop up and give you the option to download it. Giving permission will open up Software Update to download and install the required Java runtime. A stand-alone installed is also available from the Lion web site or from this Apple Support Article .

Rosetta was also previously deprecated by Apple, and the company barred applications using both Rosetta and Java from the new Mac App Store. With Snow Leopard, the previous version of Mac OS X, Rosetta was not installed by default, but users could install it if they chose to. Now it has been completely removed.


Recent Tech News – 13th-19th June

My weekly roundup of Tech News. There’s been a fair amount of Microsoft news but also an announcement from Google on search. In Security news, there is an article on why keeping patches up to date is important.

Microsoft News – Academic Search Beta released , Kinect SDK released and Tech.Days 2011 videos now available
Click here to view the article.

Microsoft releases the WebMatrix web development tool
Click here to view the article.

Microsoft warning of phishers posing as computer security experts in phone scam
Click here to view the article.

Reasons why we update – June Patch Tuesday and Java vulnerabilities
Click here to view the article.

Support retires for Office XP, Vista SP1 & Server 2008 SP0 as of July 12 2011
Click here to view the article.

Google enhances mobile and desktop search at “Inside Search”
Click here to view the article.

Finally, I thought i’d pass on a recommendation for those of you that have iPads and are keen bloggers using WordPress or Blogger to write… Take a look at Blogsy for iPad – Blogging for the iPad done right
Click here to view the article.

Reasons why we update – June Patch Tuesday and Java vulnerabilities

Patch Tuesday vulnerabilities already being exploited by hackers

Just three days after Microsoft released it’s latest batch of fixes and updates hackers have begun to exploit one of the bugs on un-patched machines reports Symantec. The exploit takes advantage of one of the Internet Explorer issues that was patched this month. This incident only highlights the importance of updating a computer’s files as soon as a patch becomes available because the longer a security hole is left exposed, the more risk there is to the user.

Usually when vulnerabilities are published in Microsoft’s reports regarding Patch Tuesday, there is the expectation that hackers will use that information and usually be successful within 30 days. However in this case, there has been some surprise that the individuals have done it in a significantly less amount of time.

The vulnerability itself stems from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, version 8 and below, that was originally discovered back in January by a bounty hunter according to InfoWorld. The IE bug, which was placed as the most important update on Patch Tuesday by security analysts, causes issues due to its ability to automatically download malicious files. Symantec’s Joji Hamada stated that, “we have only seen limited attacks taking advantage of this vulnerability and believe that the exploit is only being carried out in targeted attacks at present”.

Oracle releases Java 1.6 update 26

Microsoft recreantly released a new piece of software for detecting malware on your machine. Microsoft Safety Scanner is downloaded and run on your PC to detect and remove malware and rootkits. In eight out of ten of the top vulnerabilities had gotten into users’ machines through Java vulnerabilities. Now, Oracle has updated Java 1.6 to Update 26. If you have Java on your machine, then you want to update to this version to prevent the remote execution exploits that have been fixed.

17 vulnerabilities have been patched with nine of those given a 10 out of 10 in terms of security risk – Oracle’s own ranking. This update is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Apple users will have to wait until Apple issues an update to address the flaws.

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