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Recent Tech articles – 20th-26th June 2011

A lot of news this week centers around security issues.. We will start with it, and end with it… We started the week with two biggish issues from Dropbox and WordPress; On the Monday it was reported that a programmer’s error in a code update at Dropbox caused a temporary security breach that allowed any password to be used to access any user account. This was followed in the Tuesday with a release from WordPress when it announced it was forcing users to reset their passwords at WordPress.org after several popular plugins were compromised by hackers.

In Adobe news, to try and get beyond critics comments on their reliance on Flash and the Desktop, released one new product and put out on Preview another; At the beginning of the week they announced that Flash Builder 4.5.1 was ready for release and would allow IOS and Playbook development on top of the already existing Android platform. They then ended the week by announcing the preview of Edge – an HTML5 animation design tool.

On the Wednesday I started hearing on Twitter about an [at that point] unverified story from Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing which was suggesting that the UK Copyright lobby was in closed talks with the British Government on national web censorship… If you are a Net Neutrality follower, it’s worth reading including the BBC followup.

As we head towards Microsoft Office365 cloud offering coming out of Beta, I am sure that they could be doing without BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), the suite that 365 will replace, experiencing further outages which was reported midweek last week.

After last weeks release of the Kinect Windows SDK, i picked up some a couple of URLS’s one pointing to a Kinect Hacks site for inspiration on what you can do with it and the other was a series of videos from the Microsoft developers event the previous week.

Gamification is a hot topic at the moment. So what is it and how can it be used in real world situations?

As promised, we end the news of this week with more security news. Firstly, in an international raid called Operation Tribune Herald resulted in multiple equipment seizures of a group spreading scareware malware. And finally after 50 days at sea, LulzSec announces that they are disbanding… Or do they?

Something to play with – I found a new social site last week after hearing it mentioned on Mashable.com. Infostripe – A personal landing page with mobile in mind.


Educational Resources for Kinect Windows SDK developers

Last week I posted that the Kinect SDK for Windows had been released… Had a couple of pointers to resources so I thought I’d stick them all in one place and update them if I get more:

Read more of this post

Microsoft News – Academic Search, Kinect SDK and Tech.Days 2011 videos now available

Microsoft Academic search
On the 16th June, the Microsoft UK Faculty Connection blog published the beta release of the Academic research service which has been developed by the Microsoft Research team.

The blog reports that:

With Academic Search, you can easily find top researchers and their papers, conferences, and journals. You can also find relationships between researchers who co-authored papers. Academic Search will be changing its name with the upcoming release of new and improved features. In the meantime, try Academic Search and explore more than 15 million publications.

You can look up researchers and what papers and journals they have produced and conferences attended at the following URL http://academic.research.microsoft.com

Kinect SDK released

Microsoft announced on the 16th June that the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta is now available as a free download via Microsoft Research, which will allow developers to create new uses for the motion-based system beyond gaming.

The SDK includes drivers, APIs, device interfaces, installer documents, and resource materials for developers who build applications with C++, C#, or Visual Basic by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Download your copy here

You can also visit the Kinect Quick Starts and view the Kinect Project Gallery on Coding 4 Fun

On the 21st of June, Microsoft is holding a “Special Applied Research on Windows” Academic event to showcase the SDK. This is a UK Academic Event only! If interested you can register with a valid .ac.uk email address.

To find out more about the event, timetable, location and to register click here

Tech.Days Live 2011 videos released

Microsoft recently held a series of tech.day events. All of the videos from this even are now available for viewing. There are talks on the following topics: Server, Desktop, Web, Client, Mobile, Cloud.

Get the videos at : http://uktechdays.cloudapp.net/techdays-live.aspx

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