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Lodsys is back… And making the birds angry

It’s been a while since Lodsys was in the news. The patent trolling firm has been threatening Apple and Android developers since Mid May and now they are back in the news in a most spectacular fashion… By suing Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds.

The firm has dropped it’s complaint against Vietnamese company Wulven Games but added five new ones and they are not the little independent developers but some bigger names: Rovio, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Atari, and Take-Two Interactive

So, what’s a developer to do? Apple has tried intervening already and the letters to developers did no stop. A developer can go to court but that is an expensive and time consuming affair and it might be simply a better option to settle and move on.

This was the advice given by Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents recently. In a posting that he stated was not meant to be taken as legal advice he said:

It’s time to be pragmatic.

Lodsys won’t go away quickly unless Apple and Google pay them many millions of dollars (which could happen anytime but might also never happen). Meanwhile, each app developer who faces this problem should make a rational and responsible decision — even if it means to pay. So far there’s no indication that Android developers can get away without paying, and iOS developers don’t have a dependable basis for ignoring Lodsys’s insistent demands.

Read his conclusions and guidance at the FOSSpatents blog here


Recent Tech articles – 6th-12th June

Last week there was a quiet hum going on in the Tech World. It wasn’t as if there was nothing going on, it was just that a lot of the Journalists were either at the WWDC or at E3.

The E3 covers consumer electronics so other than to mention that the New Playstation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U shows us the advancement of new tech, I’m not covering it here, I will however make mention of the WWDC and you can read my overview and underlying posts on that starting here…. There is more in depth coverage of the main highlights of Lion, OS5 and iCloud too. It wasn’t mentioned in the original post but it’s worth mentioning that us here in the UK are just going to have to wait for iCloud to fully come to us as the record labels over here have yet to settle on a deal…

Moving on to social media, Twitter announced that they were gong to be providing their own link shortening service for the Twitter web service… No announcement for third-party applications. Once again Facebook this week was in trouble again this week over privacy issues when it was announced (quietly), that facial recognition would be promoting tag suggestions on your photos.

More Apple news with more on the Lodsys patent suit where developers bite back and Apple tries to get in between them an Lodsys. Also, Apple settles with Nokia over long standing patent infringements.

An article and video worth watching on the BBC Click website is about concerns that schools and universities are not teaching the basic programming skills that are required and the introduction of a £15 tiny PC on a circuit board called Rasberry Pi… Thanks to Daniel for that one… See it here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/9503255.stm

I’ll close out this week with a Mac app for you to look over, iTerm2 is a feature rich terminal app. If you spend time at the command line on Mac, it’s well worth it.

Lodsys Patent infringement suit – Developers bite back and Apple steps back into the ring.

Lodsys, the company pursuing Apple and Android developers in a very widely reported patent infringement suit, increased the amount of companies they were chasing last week to include Adidas, Best buy, Black and Decker and several others. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as they havent been seen to be backing down against the might of Apple so far.
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Recent Tech articles – 30th May-05th Jun

In is past week we start of with news that flows over from the previous week. To start we have seen more news about the MacDefender malware. First we heard that the Trojan had moved over onto attacking through Facebook profiles using the Clickjacking technique. Then Apple finally released the security update to removed old infections and prevent new ones… It was worked around in 8 hours… Since then nothing.

Also from the previous week, Lodsys crawled back into the news by retaliating over Apples letter by bringing forward their litigation timing to 31st May instead of waiting the 21 days originally given.

Moving into this week, Lockheed Martin reported a serious hack attempt on their systems. This prompted both UK and US governments to raise their objectives towards cyber crime,

Shortly after Google announces that they are introducing a new service this summer called Google Wallet… Then gets sued by Paypal shortly after.

At the D9 conference at All things Digital this week, CEO of Twitter, Dick Costello announced some new Twitter enhancements to search and photo. He talked about how they were enhancing their search facility and were releasing a new feature to allow users to upload photos and attach it to a tweet right from

My final article from this week was on buttons… It seems this week that the Internet has gone button crazy with Twitter, Google and LinkedIn talking about their offerings.

Lodsys retaliates against Apple letter, brings forward lawsuits, promises compensation if proved wrong

Expected by some and totally wrong-footing others, Lodsys replied to Apples legal letter last week by moving its litigation timing forward to the 31st May 2011. Previously the company had announced that it was granting 21 days to developers to negotiate a license before filing suit.

On the companies blog the following appeared on their FAQ

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Recent Tech articles – 22nd-29th May

This week we start off with updates from last weeks news. Firstly Apple stood up for their developers against the Patent troll company, Lodsys with a no nonsense letter telling them to halt their current activities.

Apple stayed in the news when they announced a support article on how to remove the MacDefender Trojan and then the Trojan re-appeared later on in the week with an updated threat. MacGuard works in the same way as MacDefender but does not require a password to install the malware.

The professional social network LinkedIn went public at the beginning of the week. The dust had barely settled on the news of the hugely inflated stock price before a researcher announced a security threat to users.

On the 24th and 25th the E-G8 forum was held in France with many business leaders and Internet experts met to discuss the topic of the neutral net (or not)

Google made a bit of a shock announcement to some developers when it announced a series of API deprecations… This in itself is not shocking due to it being a regular procedure. What was shocking however was the sneaking in of the shutdown of the Translate API with no replacement offered.

Finally, i’ll end off this week with an app recommendation for Mac OSX users. Alfred is a shortcut/launcher app that I have just got reacquainted with…

Apple backs developers against Lodsys

Last week I wrote about the patent company Lodsys who were issuing letters of intent to small developers. They were claiming that they held the patents on the use of in-app upgrades and payments. By the end of the week, developers were becoming frustrated by Apples silence. Read that article here

This week Apple responded to back the developers. In a letter direct from the Senior Vice president and General Council of Apple legal, Bruce Sewell to the CEO of Lodsys, Mark Small, Apple opened with the following paragraph:
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