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The Curious Case of Sharepoint and file uploading

Its been a frazzling sort of morning… We’ve been trying to migrate some of the Schools finance information from a shared folder space tied down with access rights… As its become more complicated to sort out who has access to what, the user rights list has gotten mixed up over time… So I had the bright idea to move it to a Sharepoint area… Me and my big ideas.

We’ve been playing with the Webdav connection and thought that it was going to be a simple process of file copying from one area to another… One of those two minute jobs that took much much longer to resolve than you thought… You know the ones.

The problems began when we compared the files in the original folder to those that were in the new folder… It was out by over 90 files but there had been no error reported back. Tried copying the files and folders again using a sync tool with a report and got a number of “Access Denied” or “<file> to large to copy” messages. It was only when we tried uploading the file manually to Sharepoint that the penny finally dropped

The file name is invalid or the file is empty. A file name cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? ” < > | # { } % ~ &

OK, so now we have the root cause of the problem, invalid characters in filenames and folders…. But how many of them do we have… Thats when we found that Windows Search is a pain in the arse… trying various incarnations of “&” or “*&*” just yields a result of all files and it was only after finding a random entry in a forum post that we got the answer that must be preserved across time; To find any of the invalid characters listed above, put the following in the search bar:


and you will find all the file with & in the title… Found 11 of those. But when we looked up + we found 90+ items… Passed that one back to the office to fix.


Misdaventures in Computing: Customer Services and the Mobile Phone

After trawling through three shops last week to try and get a replacement phone (unsuccessfully I might add), I wish that my mobile provider had this ideal. As a result its now not my other half's provider and I'll be following as soon as I'm out of contract…


After her phone unexpectedly started playing up last week, there was a rush on to get a replacement… It was an odd problem, SMS messages would come through from our own provider but cross network texts wouldn't come through till the following day… Customer Services really weren't very helpful saying there was no problem with the network or the connection to the phone and the best they could suggest was rebooting the phone regularly and they might then come through… This seems to be a popular solution as Googling the problem came back with the same answer. A second call to Customer services results in no more help other than the suggestion its the phone to blame for the problem… Hmm, yes sure because the imp that's inside has decked that it doesn't like O2 or Vodaphone texts… That's likely.

With no more help forthcoming, we thought that we'd better try a new phone. We have been with our current provider for the last five years since we moved to the country and, at that time anyhow, was about the only one we could use. So, after briefly trawling the online shop I had selected the best phone to choose from with a second choice in there just in case…

The first shop i went to said they didn't stock the model I wanted, but I would go to one of their other shops to see if they had one… No offer to phone them to check if they have, it's all down to me to do it myself. The second shop had the model I was looking for on the stands but had sold the last phone of that type earlier in the week… Also, not helpful…

The final shop I trudged to had the phone… Brilliant! But despite offering two mobile provider options at the front of the shop, I couldn't get this one on the network I wanted. Nor were they willing to swap the number…

That was it…. Final straw reached!!!

Trotted off to a new provider who handled all my requests with no problem and the OH is now sporting a new phone… And very happy with it too… With a little bit of TLC and a willingness to say yes first, instead of no, things could have been very different indeed.


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