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Magic Puppy – A day out in Aden Park

View whole album here


Run – Clola to Mintlaw

Home1Home2Open ViewsLonesome TreeCountry LanePhoto0164

Run – Clola to Mintlaw, a set on Flickr.

Last July I went out for an 8 mile run to Mintlaw from home via Aden Park. Here’s some of the shots I took along the way. (Good excuse for a breather eh?)

Magic Puppy – A first trip to the beach

001-Arriving at Blackdog Beach002-Its a bit of a walk to get there Part 1003-Its a bit of a walk to get there Part 2004-Debating if its too steep to go down here005-I could see better earlier on006-Magics loving it so far
007-Still debating the jump008-You cant want us to get down there surely014-Magics bag of toys n stuff020-Running rings round mum 1019-Im waiting for you Hurry Up017-Magic getting his feet wet
018-Cmon Dad why you so far behind016-Then this rock took his interest for some reason013 - Beware Here be Cocker Spaniels015-First point of interest for Magic012-Magic gets his first sniffs on the beach011-A short dune run later we are on the beach
010-Theres another way down over there009-walking on a bit more046-Misc Beach shot044-Misc Magic shot 1045-Misc Magic shot 1043-One tired dog 2

Via Flickr:
We got the opportunity and the weather to take Magic puppy to the beach.

We couldn’t let such a nice day go to waste. My Father in Law took us in his Caravanette to the beach at Blackdog.

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