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Durie and Lenabo woods Circular(ish) Run

On the 14th of April I took a sort of circularish run through Durie and cut across to Lenabo woods and then back home again after a total of 11 miles. I did have to put in a little extra spur to get to the 11 before I got home.

you can see the whole run stats at Smashrun here: http://smashrun.com/cbeagrie/run/2012/4/14

It wasn’t the furthest I have run but it is the fastest I have done this length of run, so very happy with it.

Durie, according to Wikipedia, is a former weaver’s hamlet situated half a mile east of Clola Church. It is mentioned in records as far back as 1588, when it was spelt Dowrie. By 1600 the modern day spelling was adopted. The name is believed to come from the Gaelic dobhar or dobhran meaning a small stream, and the name Durie was originally applied to the Clola Burn which runs nearby.

RNAS Longside plaque
Something I didnt know about my surrounding area was that Lenabo Woods used to house a Royal Navy Airship Station in World War One and was known as RNAS Longside. There was a spur taken from the original Formartine Railway line at Longside to supply the Airship Station. Sadly, now there is nothing but ruins to mark the place. It is well worth reading Grey Granite’s post on the topic and has some photos of the area there also.

This shows the commemorative plaque that is fixed to one of the ruins thought to be the officers building:

This link from Geolocation.ws site shows some more photos of the area including RNAS Longside.


My new running Addiction – Smashrun

Last year I had some problems with my Nike+ account and after going through a few sessions with the tech supporter engineer to sort it out I posted it on this blog in case it helped anyone else’s with the same problems. It has been one of my more visited posts so I guess a lot of people have the problem. Recently I received a message about in in my comments list telling me about an analytics engine that they had helped develop called Smashrun.

  1. Jacklyn Giron February 1, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Colin! – I can definitely empathize on the Nike front. I run with Nike+ as well and have been since it first came out back in 2006. I recently converted to Garmin, even though I often encourage beginner runners to pick up a Nike sensor :) This is a bit of a shameless plug for something we built, but you might like smashrun.com – here’s my Nike+ stats: http://smashrun.com/jacklyn.giron



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That’s it, my curiosity peaked I had to go and take a look… Unfortuately when the comment came through, I was laid up after having gone over my ankle (again) running so it took a week or two to get to use it. Now, it is a staple part of my run uploading providing the sort of analytics the I always hoped that Nike would. I love the design, I love the UI and I love that it is made for runners, by runners.. This project is a labour of love that started as something personal and it shows and once you see it, I think you will be signing up too.

If you are a Nike+ user you can sign up against your Nike+ login. You can also sign up with your Facebook ID or sign up with a new one. I signed up with my Nike login and it set up my account and it started importing my runs almost immediately. Once imported you have your entire run history to analyse.

Runs stats can be calculated by year or by an individual month in a year. Once you start logging new runs and upload the workouts then they will import automatically to Smashrun. If you don’t have Nike, don’t despair because you can manually enter run times and distances instead and I think they are working on a Garmin data import option too.

So, what stats does Smashrun show you? Well when you first log on you are presented with the Overall running report page which shows your all times stats and graphs including overall miles, longest run, miles per month, cumulative miles as well as showing % of running days per season, which days you run most often or least on and average run length and days running per week plus more. You can customise this screen with a simple calendar style menu to show stats for a year or for a selected month,

On the “By Run” screen you can get the stats for a single run. Your last run is shown by default but the calendar UI can be used to select and previously logged or Imported run in your history. This page shows you the date of your run, the distance, time and average pace. In your history it shows via a couple of graphs how this run ranks compared to others of a similar distance and speed.

As well as your own runs, you can invite friends to come and join and follow them to compare your results to theirs.

To add an element of gamification to the site, badges are awarded for achievements you make. You get badges for completing curtains distances, completing runs at different times of the day and even for inviting friends to join up. There are loads of badges up there already with more in development

So if you want a better handle on your workout stats then head on over to smashrun.com and sign up.

You can follow me on the site at smashrun.com/cbeagrie

Run – Clola to Mintlaw

Home1Home2Open ViewsLonesome TreeCountry LanePhoto0164

Run – Clola to Mintlaw, a set on Flickr.

Last July I went out for an 8 mile run to Mintlaw from home via Aden Park. Here’s some of the shots I took along the way. (Good excuse for a breather eh?)

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