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Recent Tech News – 13th-19th June

My weekly roundup of Tech News. There’s been a fair amount of Microsoft news but also an announcement from Google on search. In Security news, there is an article on why keeping patches up to date is important.

Microsoft News – Academic Search Beta released , Kinect SDK released and Tech.Days 2011 videos now available
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Microsoft releases the WebMatrix web development tool
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Microsoft warning of phishers posing as computer security experts in phone scam
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Reasons why we update – June Patch Tuesday and Java vulnerabilities
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Support retires for Office XP, Vista SP1 & Server 2008 SP0 as of July 12 2011
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Google enhances mobile and desktop search at “Inside Search”
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Finally, I thought i’d pass on a recommendation for those of you that have iPads and are keen bloggers using WordPress or Blogger to write… Take a look at Blogsy for iPad – Blogging for the iPad done right
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Reasons why we update – June Patch Tuesday and Java vulnerabilities

Patch Tuesday vulnerabilities already being exploited by hackers

Just three days after Microsoft released it’s latest batch of fixes and updates hackers have begun to exploit one of the bugs on un-patched machines reports Symantec. The exploit takes advantage of one of the Internet Explorer issues that was patched this month. This incident only highlights the importance of updating a computer’s files as soon as a patch becomes available because the longer a security hole is left exposed, the more risk there is to the user.

Usually when vulnerabilities are published in Microsoft’s reports regarding Patch Tuesday, there is the expectation that hackers will use that information and usually be successful within 30 days. However in this case, there has been some surprise that the individuals have done it in a significantly less amount of time.

The vulnerability itself stems from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, version 8 and below, that was originally discovered back in January by a bounty hunter according to InfoWorld. The IE bug, which was placed as the most important update on Patch Tuesday by security analysts, causes issues due to its ability to automatically download malicious files. Symantec’s Joji Hamada stated that, “we have only seen limited attacks taking advantage of this vulnerability and believe that the exploit is only being carried out in targeted attacks at present”.

Oracle releases Java 1.6 update 26

Microsoft recreantly released a new piece of software for detecting malware on your machine. Microsoft Safety Scanner is downloaded and run on your PC to detect and remove malware and rootkits. In eight out of ten of the top vulnerabilities had gotten into users’ machines through Java vulnerabilities. Now, Oracle has updated Java 1.6 to Update 26. If you have Java on your machine, then you want to update to this version to prevent the remote execution exploits that have been fixed.

17 vulnerabilities have been patched with nine of those given a 10 out of 10 in terms of security risk – Oracle’s own ranking. This update is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Apple users will have to wait until Apple issues an update to address the flaws.

Recent Tech articles – 30th May-05th Jun

In is past week we start of with news that flows over from the previous week. To start we have seen more news about the MacDefender malware. First we heard that the Trojan had moved over onto attacking through Facebook profiles using the Clickjacking technique. Then Apple finally released the security update to removed old infections and prevent new ones… It was worked around in 8 hours… Since then nothing.

Also from the previous week, Lodsys crawled back into the news by retaliating over Apples letter by bringing forward their litigation timing to 31st May instead of waiting the 21 days originally given.

Moving into this week, Lockheed Martin reported a serious hack attempt on their systems. This prompted both UK and US governments to raise their objectives towards cyber crime,

Shortly after Google announces that they are introducing a new service this summer called Google Wallet… Then gets sued by Paypal shortly after.

At the D9 conference at All things Digital this week, CEO of Twitter, Dick Costello announced some new Twitter enhancements to search and photo. He talked about how they were enhancing their search facility and were releasing a new feature to allow users to upload photos and attach it to a tweet right from

My final article from this week was on buttons… It seems this week that the Internet has gone button crazy with Twitter, Google and LinkedIn talking about their offerings.

Apple releases update to prevent MacDefender infection by enhancing OSX’s quarantine function, Security circumvented in less than a day.

I feel like I have been talking about MacDefender and MacGuard for a very long time now… Actually it’s only been through May but it feels longer. Today, the 31st of May 2011, Apple finally released the security patch it promised last week.

The Security Update 2011-003 adds protection to Snow Leopard 10.6.7 users only, earlier versions of OSX are not supported. The update makes a change in the Security section of Preferences to include changes to the File Quarantine feature, which is Apple’s version of antivirus software. This update includes definitions for Mac Defender and its known variants, as well as an automated removal tool.

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