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Apple backs developers against Lodsys

Last week I wrote about the patent company Lodsys who were issuing letters of intent to small developers. They were claiming that they held the patents on the use of in-app upgrades and payments. By the end of the week, developers were becoming frustrated by Apples silence. Read that article here

This week Apple responded to back the developers. In a letter direct from the Senior Vice president and General Council of Apple legal, Bruce Sewell to the CEO of Lodsys, Mark Small, Apple opened with the following paragraph:
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Recent Tech articles – 13th-22nd May 2011

Well so much for a quiet week…

Lets start off with a couple of articles I forgot in my last Tech News posting; Blogger went down for 48 hours and Facebook launching a smear campaign against Google. That links us nicely into this week when just after Facebook goes on about their information appearing in search results, they cuddle up to Microsoft to link their info within Bing.

RIM had a bad start to the week as they announced the recall of 900 PlayBooks.

After all the kerfuffle around Apples LocationGate, it was Androids turn for a kicking as an exploit was revealed in Google connection to Web services. A day later it was reported that the problem was resolved and no-one needed to update anything to get it working.

After writing previously haven written about the MACdefender Trojan and suggesting that it was one to catch the unwary, it would seem that people have been falling for it after all.

There has been rising tensions this week between IOS developers and Apple when a company has been issuing letters to individuals and small companies that have been using the Apple provided API for in-app upgrades or purchases.

Finally, a TED talk that has been causing a lot of discussion this week is worth a watch. It is about people becoming trapped in what has been termed as “filter bubbles”. Eli Parisier warns us that personalised search results might be restricting the breadth of the results we get back. Watch it here

IOS developers hit by Patent Troll

Are you looking to make your fortune with your first ever iPhone app? Better hold off for the moment if you intend using the upgrade option to move from a free to a paid app. Lodsys, a Patent holding firm are claiming that they own the rights to that in a very broad sweeping patent.

Several individual developers and some small companies have already received letters demanding that they license the use of the “upgrade” feature within 21 days of face a lawsuit. Many apps are using upgrade or in-app purchasing in their apps and the Apple API provides the framework to allow developers to do just that. However, Lodsys has opted not to go directly to Apple but aimed themselves directly at the programmers instead. It appears that Lodsys claim that Apple has licensed from them the right to use in-app purchases but that it doesn’t extend to third party developers.
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